Our Story


About The Brand

 Born and raised in Ogunquit, ME, I moved to Tampa and graduated from the University of Tampa's Entrepreneurship program. There, I've met many influential leaders that have helped me shape my business and continue to help me through this journey. 

Born into the family restaurant business, I've always loved food and people and the idea of creating a truly unique experience for each guest. Here in Tampa Florida, I saw a market for people who truly appreciate that same thoughtfully crafted experience I've grown to love.

With my deep passion for branding, customer experience and quality products, I decided to take my personable nature and food knowledge and apply it to the highly competitive beverage industry. 

Due to its somewhat mysterious nature and after countless hours of digging and digging for answers I began to discover some shocking information. So many of the brands I grew up with are just not being truthful with consumers and I think it's wrong. 

 I specifically see the beverage industry as an opportunity and challenge to rise above the rest by simply offering quality products, an unbeatable guest experience and the utmost transparency, something that's lacking in our sector.

I believe that by educating our consumers on the many loopholes in the orange juice industry, I can help provide everyone and their families with better quality products that actually add nutritional value, while causing less harm to our bodies and the environment. 

I'm on a mission to do away with fake juice on shelves and am grateful for all who support and believe in my vision to change the industry for the better! 

Be safe and be well,

Nicholas Saulnier, Founder